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Port Hotels drives a 60% success rate on direct bookings campaigns with Cendyn CRM


Port Hotels aimed to cultivate strong relationships with their guests, starting from the moment they subscribed to the newsletter. They sought to engage guests through email marketing campaigns, recruitment efforts, loyalty programs, and surveys for feedback on improving services and amenities. However, they faced challenges in streamlining these processes and effectively segmenting their audience based on preferences and buyer personas. 

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Port Hotels found their solution in Cendyn CRM. The decision to select Cendyn CRM was primarily influenced by its user-friendly interface and the ease of template layout simplifying the creation of impactful email marketing campaigns.  

With Cendyn CRM, Port Hotels could automate welcome campaigns and integrate forms to collect valuable information about guest preferences. This allowed them to enhance segmentation strategies based on defined buyer personas and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.  

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The streamlined automation of the welcome campaign enabled efficient, immediate data collection, empowering Port Hotels to understand and respond to guest preferences promptly. It also allowed them to develop exciting new campaigns for their customer segments, enhancing the overall guest experience. These combined efforts resulted in a remarkable 24.80% email open rate, indicating a high level of guest engagement with Port Hotels’ marketing communications. 

Moreover, the effectiveness of the campaigns was evident as 60% of the campaigns sent generated a booking, demonstrating the tangible impact of Port Hotels’ partnership with Cendyn CRM. Working closely with the Cendyn team, Port Hotels experienced significant improvements in their guest engagement strategies. The responsiveness and efficiency of the Cendyn team ensured that any challenge was addressed promptly. 

Looking ahead, Port Hotels envisions leveraging Cendyn’s capabilities to design surveys that further enhance the guest experience. Together, Port Hotels and Cendyn are poised to elevate guest experiences and drive sustainable success, building upon their impressive results and forging stronger connections with their guests in the dynamic hospitality landscape. 


24.80 %
Email open rate
Campaigns sent
Campaign bookings
60 %
sent campaigns generated a booking

Port Hotels


Port Hotels is a hotel chain in the Valencian Community with more than 60 years of experience in the happiness sector. Currently the company has 11 hotels in 6 destinations: Benidorm, Elche, Alicante, Valencia, Dénia and Calpe.

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