Satocan - Case Success Story

Satocan Hotels improve campaign effectiveness with Cendyn CRM


Satocan Hotels embarked on a mission to establish close, personalized relationships with their guests, prioritizing warmth, attentiveness and exceptional service. However, they faced challenges in consolidating guest information across various touchpoints and leveraging this data to enhance guest engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, they aimed to optimize their marketing strategies to improve return on investment (ROI) while supporting seamless hotel operations.

Satocan Case Study


Satocan Hotels embraced Cendyn CRM to streamline their guest data management and marketing efforts. Leveraging Cendyn CRM, they consolidated guest information pre-, during, and post-stay into a single database, enabling them to create distinct buyer personas and deliver personalized promotions, segmented offers, and tailored content for each customer. They implemented segmented and clustered email marketing strategies, created tailored landing pages for specific campaigns and topics, and transitioned from paper-based to digital content using QR codes and landing page options.

Satocan also benefited from a dedicated account manager at Cendyn, who provided vital support by addressing any issues and campaign challenges as they arose with innovative solutions from the Cendyn platform. The openness and willingness to innovation demonstrated by Cendyn resonated with Satocan, as they continuously innovated their product offerings to ensure ongoing enhancement and client satisfaction.

Satocan Case Study


  • Enhanced customer engagement: Through personalized promotions and tailored content, Satocan Hotels saw an increase in customer engagement and interaction with their campaigns; achieving a 48% email open rate.
  • Improved campaign effectiveness: Segmented and clustered email marketing strategies led to higher open rates and increased bookings, resulting in a 226% success rate, with 555 bookings generated from 245 campaigns sent.
  • Streamlined processes: Transitioning from paper-based to digital content streamlined processes and improved operational efficiency, allowing staff to focus more on guest satisfaction and experience.


Campaigns sent
48 %
Open rate
Campaign bookings
Campaign revenue



Since its establishment in 1984, Satocan has consistently strived to spearhead exciting projects in collaboration with its teams, partners, and clients. This unwavering commitment has propelled Satocan to become the foremost Canarian business group. The company actively embraces innovation as a means to foster a more sustainable environment. By transforming opportunities into memorable tourist experiences, Satocan creates moments that visitors wish to relive and recommend, while ensuring responsible decision-making for the benefit of both its guests and the planet.

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