Louis Hotels - Cendyn Customer Story

Touriste reaches +82% of direct bookings thanks to Cendyn website services


Touriste decided to collaborate with Cendyn, experts in hotel digital marketing, to:

  • Maximize direct bookings via their websites
  • Offer a strong digital experience on hotel websites
  • Manage their websites and content seamlessly, with total autonomy
  • Ensure the visibility of their establishments’ websites against OTAs
  • Receive advice and support from hospitality and digital experts
Touriste - Cendyn Case Study


Our collaboration with Touriste since the launch of the 1st hotel in 2008 has enabled us to fully understand the group’s specific challenges. As a result, we were able to implement solutions tailored to each establishment before they even opened. Each website is bespoke to reflect the identity and experience of each hotel. The sites feature a fluid booking experience for both mobile and desktop users.

To increase direct bookings and direct Internet users to the Louis Hotels website, we implemented advertising campaigns on metasearch. This channel enables Louis Hotels and the group’s individual hotels to position their website in a competitive market and win back more market share from online travel agencies.

On a day-to-day basis, we support Louis Hotels in the technical optimization, maintenance, and performance monitoring of their websites. We provide ongoing support to the management of the Louis Hotels group. Every year, we work to improve the hotels’ and the group’s websites, to enhance the user experience and increase Louis Hotels’ web conversion rate.

Once the websites are online, we support the group in the following 3 segments:

Acquisition & Optimization

We have set up several types of high ROI campaigns, more specifically:

  • Paid search (or Search Engine Advertising – SEA) campaigns to protect the hotel brand and take advantage of the OTA billboard effect
  • Metasearch campaigns to attract qualified traffic for the group’s hotels

Performance tracking

  • An account manager is dedicated to helping the group achieve its objectives, in particular, to make its website the number-one booking channel
  • Regular monitoring of each website’s performance (reservations generated, conversion rate, number of visitors)
  • Tracking and optimizing advertising campaigns

Technology update & support

To enable the Touriste group to be ever more effective, we take care of all technological updates linked to changes in legislation, search engines, tracking tools, booking engines, etc.

Touriste - Room - Customer Success Story Cendyn
Cendyn offers quality web marketing solutions. Thank you to Cendyn’s teams, who are always available, and helpful. We've been satisfied for over 10 years. Our collaboration enables us to generate 60% of our direct sales!
Adrien Gloaguen CEO, Touriste


Ongoing technological and human monitoring and optimization have enabled us to increase website sales by over 60% for all Touriste Group establishments. In 2022, the increase in the media budget contributed to an 82% rise in the volume of bookings on all hotel websites!

It’s an ongoing challenge to maintain strong direct distribution in the face of OTAs in this highly competitive environment. We continue to assiduously monitor the digital performance of each establishment to improve direct booking volumes while maintaining optimal distribution costs.

2019 vs. 2022 and results for 2022:

60 %
Of direct bookings in total revenue
82 %
Growth in direct booking volume
6.80 %
Of acquisition cost for metasearch campaigns in total media spend
4.70 %
Of acquisition cost for paid search campaigns in total media spend

This case study was completed before the Cendyn acquisition of WIHP but Touriste can now benefit from the suite of Cendyn products.



Touriste is a hotel group founded by Adrien Gloaguen in 2008. Touriste offers a collection of 8 trendy boutique hotels in Paris. Tastefully decorated by various renowned interior design architects, each of the establishments offers an original and different universe and identity. Touriste continues to grow with the acquisition of a camping site.

Products Used

Digital Marketing, Website

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