PegasusTM CRS & Distribution

Optimize demand across global distribution channels on a state-of-the-art, flexible, scalable, cloud-based reservations system with intelligent rate and inventory management tools for enterprise customers.

Boost direct bookings, act fast and adapt strategy to your hotel’s unique needs

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Disconnect from legacy systems. Connect to the Pegasus CRS.

Take full control of your hotel’s distribution strategy with Pegasus CRS, an award-winning cloud-based reservations solution that offers unprecedented flexibility, scalability, security and support in managing your rates and inventory.

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Fully cloud-based architecture

Flexible and robust microservice APIs allow you to use the platform in ways that best fit your optimized business processes, allowing you to focus on revenue generation. Our platform’s cloud-native and serverless architecture future-proofs your technology and enables you to scale your business without lag or downtime. Its state-of-the-art 4-layer security safeguards your data, providing peace-of-mind 24/7.

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Driving direct bookings is crucial for Bellstar’s bottom lines, as we are competing against OTAs to sell our own product. We’re able to stay competitive and drive more direct revenue by leveraging the revenue management features such as dynamic pricing rules, geo-targeting, and Best Rate Guaranteed to hone in on the target markets and guarantee price parity with the OTAs.
- Eric Gooden
Marketing Manager, Bellstar Hotels & Resorts

Robust connectivity through distribution and integrations to your PMS & more

Pegasus CRS offers complete global distribution through hundreds of channels. Deep integrations with your PMS and key industry platforms and systems allow you to fully leverage the data in your RMS, guest loyalty programs, and more. Additionally, our robust solution includes the connection with Metasearch to update your hotel’s availability, rates, and inventory (ARI) in real time. We also make it easy to drive direct bookings through our industry-leading booking engine and e-commerce platform, which includes options for our premium call center and AI-powered voice reservations service.

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In 2022, we generated almost 70% more reservations than the previous year. I chalk it up as a joint success! Together, we will hopefully be able to continue this success story for a long time to come.
- Sabine Möller
Founder and managing owner of CPH Hotels

A tech strategy that puts the customer experience first

The Pegasus CRS offers intelligent rate tools, dynamic pricing rules and enhanced formula-based pricing controls. Proactively monitor rate parity and automate your best rate guarantee program. Easy-to-use and customizable admin tools provide granular user roles and multi-property rate and inventory management that caters to your organization’s SOPs.

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In my previous roles, I worked at several brand hotels. While I received a lot of support, there was a sacrifice or lack of flexibility and creativity. However, with Cendyn these are all turned into opportunities — instead of adjusting myself to follow the brand's cookie-cutter rules, I’m able to talk to my CRS manager as well as the digital agency team to brainstorm and implement our ideas. So, I’m very excited about the fact that I have the flexibility and expert support from their team to make things happen.
- Michelle Mu
Director of Revenue & Distribution, Refinery Hotel