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Campaign Journey Builder - eInsight CRM

The Campaign Journey Builder is eInsight CRM’s next-generation feature to help you automate your email marketing campaigns in a fast, personalized and effective way.

These Campaign Journeys can be built right in your dashboard and enable you to set up automated, targeted emails based on recipient behavior or actions. With this simple user interface, you can visually follow the path recipients take and make adjustments as necessary.

campaign journey builder

Visually manage your campaigns to deliver personalized, meaningful interactions with your guests and subscribers

Personalize the journey

Build sub-campaigns within campaigns that can be triggered based on recipient activity or inactivity.

Using audience segmentation within eInsight CRM, campaign journeys can be built based on interests, preferences, and behavior. Once the campaign journeys are built, they run through automation but still provide that personal touch to every recipient.


journey builder snippet

Stay on brand

Use your pre-built email templates throughout your campaign journey to ensure every touch point is on brand.


Select email Template

Build a detailed journey for each guest

Adding interactions throughout your campaign journey is incredibly simple; define your rules, actions, and triggers so you can start sending communications to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel.


Action_Add Another Interaction

To find out more about our new Campaign Journey Builder, get in touch with your Account Manager or contact

New localized language and currency features - eUpgrade

Guests can now choose their preferred language and currency when viewing options for upgrades. This new feature is a testament to our continued commitment to provide guests with a personalized guest experience in their own language. Each language and currency can be configured in your Admin Dashboard.



To find out more about localized languages with eUpgrade, please contact your Account Manager or contact

Nicki Graham Nicki Graham is the Director of Marketing, EMEA & APAC at Cendyn. She currently leads on all marketing and communication efforts for Cendyn within these growing regions, heads up our marketing strategy for all our global partners, leads on all product marketing efforts and is our brand ambassador. When she's not out there promoting Cendyn, you'll find her either with her dog, Yukon, or out running.

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